C.ex Art Show and Exhibition 2016‏

C.ex Coffs is hosting our second Art Exhibition and Competition in February 2016 (21st February- 24thFebruary 2016). All artwork will be displayed in our Blue Room on Level 1 to attract the most exposure. This event attracts both professional and amateur local artists and allows artists an avenue to showcase and sell their pieces. We have received some fantastic feedback from our first event which was held in January this year and we can’t wait to offer this opportunity to our local artists again.

 We have a great selection of prizes up grabs and will be judged by well-known local artists. Over the event, we are hoping to have quite a few thousand people come through the club, so it will be great exposure for the artists displaying their work. All artwork can be offered for sale if the artist wishes, and there will be no commission fee attached. All mediums of art are welcome (within our conditions), ie. Sculptures, Photographs, Paintings, Fabric etc. but we are happy to discuss if there are any questions.

 As this is a community focussed event, solely designed to give our local talent an avenue to display and sell their work, we welcome any assistance offered, whether this be in the form of helping us spread the word, allowing us to borrow easels, display boards, lighting etc. or enlightening us with any ideas that may help us improve upon this event which is still in its early stages. We hope to make this an Annual Event so would love your input to help make it a success!

 As the Festive Season is fast approaching, I was hoping to remind you all of this event as well as start receiving some more entry forms as we have had a lot of interest and would hate any of you to miss out! I have attached our Terms and Conditions and Information on the Event, as well as the Nomination Forms and Tags for each piece. Please include your preferred contact details (ie. Telephone Number/ Email Address) on the Tags if you wish to sell your art. This will give any interested buyers a method to contact you.

 2016 Open Days Art Display and Competition T Cs       2016 C ex Coffs Open Days Art Nomination form

If you have any queries, would like any further information, or have some thoughts that you would like to share with us, please feel free to contact either Lauren Prezioso or Fiona Pike in the Functions office at C.ex Coffs.

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